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Does credit repair work

There are many misconceptions about whether or not credit repair really works. There have been many articles published across the internet which claim that credit repair is impossible. These articles claim that erroneous negative information simply cannot be deleted from your credit file and that only time and a good strong payment history can repair credit. This is simply not true and it is finally time to set the record straight and get down to the truth of credit repair.

Like many things in life credit repair is a process. There is no such thing as repairing your credit overnight as many suspicious online credit repair companies claim. Repairing your credit takes time and persistence but it is very well possible. Credit repair is the process of reviewing your credit reports and finding items that do not belong. Consumers need to pull a recent copy of their credit report and scour them to find, items that are outdated, incorrect and ultimately all negative items that are hurting their credit score.

It is your right as a consumer to contact your creditors as well as the three major credit bureaus and dispute any items that are appearing on your credit report that you feel do not belong. You can in fact, dispute anything at all on your credit report, whether it is true or not. The burden of proof lies with the credit reporting agencies in where they must prove to you beyond a shadow of the doubt that anything appearing on your credit report is accurate. If they cannot prove to you that the negative item is in fact yours, they must remove it from your credit file. This happens more often that you might think. The three credit agencies get bombarded with queries from consumers and in some cases they may not even have the time to investigate your dispute.

In other cases, when the credit reporting agency contacts your creditors to validate your dispute, the creditors drop the ball and either does not respond in time or the dispute can get lost on someone's desk in a paper trail. In this scenario, the credit reporting agency has no choice but to remove the deleted item.

As far as the dispute process goes and validating your negative items as discussed above, there are many other tactics that work to get erroneous information removed from your credit report. One example is to write a goodwill letter requesting a creditor to remove a late payment because you've been a good customer. Best Legal Credit Repair knows dozens of angles when it comes to writing a goodwill letter on your behalf. Goodwill letters are a very effective method of getting negative items deleted from your credit report.

Another example of a credit repair technique that works is a "pay to delete". This involves paying off an outstanding balance with a pre-negotiated agreement (in writing) with the creditor that if you pay off the debt, they will agree to remove the negative item from your credit report. Best Legal Credit Repair can help you with these negotiations to get stubborn items removed effectively.

Best Legal Credit Repair follows the laws in each and every state and uses the letter of the law within the Fair Credit Reporting Act to legally dispute items appearing on your credit report on your behalf. It is all we do so you can be assured that we will work hard on your case.

All disputes that Best Legal Credit Repair sends out are customized to each individual's case and all letters are hand written (never computerized). We never send out the same letter twice. Each are personalized to your unique situation. That is why we get results.

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